“Transformational Changes from Energy Research: From Deal Killers to Academy Awards”

Dr. Ray Orbach
Director of The University of Texas at Austin’s Energy Institute

Dr. Ray Orbach

Dr. Ray Orbach

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
5:45 p.m. – Networking Reception
6:30 p.m. – Presentation

Dr. Ray Orbach will be the inaugural speaker for the reintroduction of “The Austin Forum on Science and Technology for Society” on Tuesday, Oct. 6, at the AT&T Conference Center Auditorium.

Orbach is the new director of The University of Texas at Austin’s Energy Institute. Prior to his directorship, Orbach was the U.S. Department of Energy’s first undersecretary for science.

“Dr. Orbach is one of the most preeminent figures in energy research in the world,” said Jay Boisseau, director of TACC. “New developments in energy research are required for addressing our growing demands for energy and its impact on the environment and climate. Austin is well positioned for leadership in energy research, and Ray is uniquely qualified to lead UT’s efforts in changing the world in this crucial area.”

Orbach said he sees the Energy Institute as a unifying collaborator to help The University of Texas at Austin mobilize its faculty and academic resources, as well as talent from other institutions in The University of Texas System, to make “transformational changes in energy production and usage” of fossil fuel, renewable and nuclear energy resources. He said these changes would address threats to the economic future of Texas, the nation and the world.

Official press release announcing Dr. Orbach’s arrival to The University of Texas at Austin