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Tuesday, May 2, 2017 | Galvanize | 6:15pm

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Alan Daines

119 Nueces St.
Downtown Austin

5:45pm Doors and Bar
6:15pm Presentation, Q&A
7:30pm Reception

Parking information:
$5 after 5pm: Discounted Parking at Galvanize courtesy of LAZ Parking.

How (and why) are people breaking into computer systems? What are they doing, and what are the risks?

Computers have become fundamental to our lives: in just 70 years, we have transitioned from having no computers in the world to having more computing devices than people. Some of these devices are almost hidden while enabling and automating many aspects of our lives and our infrastructure, while others we use every day on our desks and in our hands. As we integrate these devices more and more into our lives it presents a new threat to all of us that hackers are looking to take advantage of at a rapidly increasing rate. With our society increasingly dependent on computers and digital data, there is corresponding increase in computer crimes and information theft.

We aren’t going to lessen our dependency on technology so come learn the fundamentals of computer security, and how this relates to you, your company, and your nation in this comprehensive overview of security in the digital era. Alan Daines, Chief Information Security Office for Dell, the largest private technology company in the world, shares his experiences in managing cybersecurity in the enterprise and in his personal life.


Alan Daines serves as Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer of Dell’s Cybersecurity organization. Alan’s team empowers the business by managing risk, maintaining compliance and securing the enterprise environment. Dell Cybersecurity are major contributors to the successful execution of Dell’s strategic objectives. Most recently Alan has been responsible for bringing together Dell and EMC’s Security organizations as part of the largest tech acquisition in history.
Alan has been with Dell since 1999 and has over 20 years of experience in IT Security and Infrastructure roles. His experiences include working in the many facets of information security, including incident management, forensics, compliance, policy risk, identity management, vulnerability management and security infrastructure.
Furthermore Alan has also practiced many other aspects of IT and led several infrastructure practices, in the large enterprise, throughout his career. These have included IT outsourcing, engineering, IT architecture, support and program/project management roles.
Alan was born and educated in the UK and spent the first half of his career in roles across EMEA. More recently Alan is based in Dell’s headquarter in Round Rock, Texas, bringing a broad perspective to his leadership roles.
Alan is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc (ISC2).
Dell Cybersecurity is a world-class Security organization that employs 300+ global team members.
For over 30 years Dell has empowered countries, communities, customers, and people everywhere to do more with their technology, and Dell IT continues to rise to the challenge of supporting a diverse, global workforce.
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