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Jay Williams
Williams Technology Group

Haydn Shaughnessy
Flow Academy

Central Library
710 W. Cesar Chavez
Downtown Austin

5:45pm Doors Open
6:15pm Presentation, Q&A
7:30pm Reception

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During the networking reception, Haydn Shaughnessy will be signing copies of his new book Flow: A Handbook for Change Makers, Mavericks, Innovation Activists and Leaders, co-written with Fin Goulding.  Learn more about the book HERE.

The pace of technology and the complexity of business markets are moving at an incredible pace. As we kick off 2018, the Austin Forum sets the stage for understanding the technologies and transformations ahead with our annual overview of major technology trends and how they are likely to transform our lives – from how we work and live to how we play and learn. Attendees will hear a comprehensive overview of key technologies, and then learn how these technologies and others are fueling innovation that is transforming business and society.

Technology & business thought leader & writer Haydn Shaughnessy and long-time technology architect and expert Jay Williams will share their perspectives on the impact of these technologies on business and beyond, including how Austin can play a leading role.

We welcome your participation! Please send us your questions, answers and prognostications in advance at [email protected]. Check out this related Austin Forum event and this one.

Admission to the Austin Forum is always free.

The Austin Forum accepts donations of used smart phones and tablets at all our events. All devices will have a factory reset and be set up as new by the team at Austin Pathways’ nationally-recognized “Unlocking the Connection” initiative, which will connect every public housing resident with a digital device, digital literacy, and a free or very low-cost internet connection. Your donated phone can change lives and help close Austin’s digital divide, thanks to Austin Pathways.


Jay Williams Austin Forum

Jay Williams

Haydn Shaughnessy Austin Forum

Haydn Shaughnessy

Jay Williams is the founder and managing partner of Williams Technology Group, and has been a chief technology officer and consultant to many of the Fortune 500. As a consultant, he developed a highly refined process for managing a company’’s technology infrastructure, including applications, security, and network assets. Jay is a highly sought-after, enterprise systems architect and problem solver. He has advised a number of high profile technology companies on their products and is known for a rare combination of deep technology expertise, expert problem solving ability and business acumen. Jay is widely respected by peers and has influenced many pivotal technology consortia and industry steering groups. He is frequently consulted by venture and capital investors for analyses of new technology strategies.
More on Jay Williams 

Haydn Shaughnessy is described as “one of the most refreshing thinkers on innovation.” He began his innovation adventure as a science officer in the European Union’s advanced communications research department, set up to compete with ARPA and DARPA.  A broadcast journalist by background he went on to manage projects in the emerging mobile and broadband communications space in the early 1990s, developing experimental broadband and mobile applications before 3G was around.

As a long term observer of the tech space, and a former columnist, innovation feature writer for the Irish Times, Harvard Business Review contributor, and editor of Innovation Management, he has been a pioneer of platform and ecosystem thinking and strategy.  More recently he’s been working in blockchain and ICO ecosystem planning.

He has worked on blockchain projects also for companies in global financial infrastructure, been an advisor on platform disruption to banks such as RBS and global payments providers SWIFT and Earthport, as well as developing platform strategies in global imaging and social networking.

His work on patterns of disruption and global economics have embraced studies of Chinese Millennials, Chinese Technology Platforms and shifting patterns of global trade.

His ambition is to challenge leaders to rethink the structures of global economic governance, but for now, his focus is new ways to work.

On FLOW, he says:

“My book FLOW, written with Aviva CIO Fin Goulding, is a how-to guide for redesigning the modern organization in the digital age. It’s a minimalist Agile framework for digital transformation, which focuses on the cultural aspects of working in enterprises that are being redefined by DevOps and Microservices.

“Essentially, companies now have to learn how to manage without a grand plan. They have to manage without complex governance frameworks or detailed, rules-bound processes. That means culture becomes increasingly important. So in FLOW, we emphasize all the ways we have experimented with culture in order to increase the level of social interaction and co-decision making in the firm.

“The book also majors on how to bridge the IT-Business divide, how to draw business leaders into a minimalist agile framework, and how to integrate customers into workflow.

“FLOW is a new philosophy of work based on collective intelligence, extreme transparency and improved social interaction.”

To learn more about the Flow philosophy, click here.

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