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Tuesday, July 11, 2017 | Galvanize | 6:15pm

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Rhonda Dirvin

119 Nueces St.
Downtown Austin

5:45pm Doors and Bar
6:15pm Presentation, Q&A
7:30pm Reception

Parking information:
$5 after 5pm: Discounted Parking at Galvanize courtesy of LAZ Parking.

What is the most interesting use of IoT in our daily lives? What happens when the Internet of Things (IoT) and computing moves from commonplace to ubiquitous? And what are the risks?

Computing devices are now common: most people now carry a capable computer (smartphone) in their pockets that has processors, storage, and sensors, and is always connected to the network. Our cars have many processors and sensors, and will soon be capable of driving themselves. We buy smart thermostats, lights, and locks for our homes, and our buildings and factories are becoming fully instrumented. But what happens when computing moves from common to pervasive? When the devices, objects, even clothing in our lives can ‘talk’ to each other and make decisions, take actions, and work together to make our lives easier, safer, more fun, and more productive? This is the promise of the Internet of Things, or IoT—and it’s coming. The world will have tens of billions of connected devices in 2020; more importantly, these devices will be programmed to work with each other transparently, without much (or any) user action. Autonomous cars will become the norm, but so will autonomous everything. Come learn about what the IoT is, the technical challenges that must (and will) be overcome to make it a reality, and the ways in which it will change our lives as much as the mainframe, the personal computer, or the smartphone.

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Rhonda Dirvin was appointed director of Internet of Things (IoT) verticals at ARM in November 2015.

Since joining ARM in 2011, she has worked in several marketing and strategic roles, including digital marketing and alliances. She now drives ARM’s marketing strategy through the lens of IoT vertical markets and is a Founding Board member of the OpenFog Consortium.
Rhonda is an experienced electronics-industry veteran, who began her career with Motorola Semiconductor, where she worked for 17 years. She started in the nascent data communications business where she took on increasing responsibility as it grew into a multi-billion dollar business. She moved on to roles in sales, wireless marketing, and operations with P&L responsibility.
She holds a BS in electrical engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from the Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas.

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