About "The Austin Forum on Science, Technology & Society"

The Austin Forum is a monthly speaker series that hosts distinguished industry professionals and leaders who share their knowledge and experience about the confluence of science, technology and society in the 21st century. This speaker series and networking event provides a unique venue in the Austin community for introducing new knowledge and ideas, education, and encouraging collaboration among Forum participants.

Goals of The Austin Forum:

The Austin Forum was launched in September 2006. Since its inception, the series has featured more than 30 speakers on topics ranging from the impact of digital media on advanced computing to the politics of climate change to furthering science and math education in the classroom. The Austin Forum was previously held on the J.J. Pickle Research Campus in North Austin.

The Austin Forum
The Austin Forum re-launched on Tuesday, October 6, 2009. Our new venue, the AT&T Conference Center Amphitheater, is centrally located in downtown Austin. Speakers will be invited from a variety of fields and each presentation will focus on the impact of science and technology on society. Simply put, the Forum’s goal is to engage and educate the Austin community about the numerous ways in which science and technology enhance the quality of their everyday life, as well as the health, prosperity and security of the nation. A secondary goal is to sustain and build Austin’s leadership in advanced computing, energy, digital media and biotechnology.

The Austin Forum takes place in the AT&T Conference Center Amphitheater. The venue is a newly constructed building that features a central location, high-end audio visual capabilities, and a beautiful space for networking.

Coordinating Organization
The coordinating organization of The Austin Forum is the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University of Texas at Austin.